About Palm Lake Care

Here we make a difference

Our philosophy

The success of Palm Lake Care pivots on caring for our residents. Our residents and our people are our most important assets. When we do our work with passion, they are our strongest advocates.

Listening to our residents

Every Palm Lake Care resident is undergoing a journey unique to them, and are worthy of our help, understanding and compassion. And to be heard. Their families and friends are just as important, and our role is to support and include them in creating a familiar, stable home-like environment.

Our three pillars

Our Residents

This is their home.
We respect their privacy, dignity and independence. Our first concern always is creating a better life for each resident.

Our People

We value and celebrate people who care, take ownership and want to make a difference.

Our People

Our Organisation

We continually innovate to provide better care and quality of life, whilst operating sustainably and ethically, today and tomorrow.

Our Board


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