Palm Lake Care Residents' Stories

Norma, sewing the seeds of love at Bargara

Here I can do what I love

Gordon sits back in his comfy armchair, eyes fixed on passersby. Sporting a tailored shirt, well-pressed pants and a tie this particular day, he’s always immaculately dressed. He’s proud of the police badges that adorn his shirt – reminders of a career in dedicated service of others, albeit decades ago now. But that constantly quizzical look on his face? Does he wonder why you’re looking at him? Does he have a secret to share? Is he surprised? Puzzled? Most likely it’s just because his eyes were sewn on a little crooked…

Palm Lake Care Bargara resident Norma Spoor is quite the creative spirit. She’s got a green thumb and a knack for art and craft and, boy, does she love to sew. When Norma learned that Palm Lake Care kitchen team member Carrie had been storing her late father’s dressing gown for 12 years, not knowing what to do with it yet so attached that she couldn’t part with it either, Norma came up with a grand idea. Taking the care and respect that a tangible memory like this deserves, Norma crafted a gorgeous keepsake teddy bear out of the ageing dressing gown, complete with a police uniform that pays homage to Carrie’s father’s career. Norma’s caring act has given that once average dressing gown new life and brought a world of authentic happiness to Carrie and her family.

“I remember that old blue dressing gown from when I was a child,” Carrie recalls. “On cold winter mornings, that dressing gown would bring me a warm hug and I can also remember that dressing gown being thrown on my bed to keep me warm when I was sick.”

Carrie describes Norma as an “amazing, talented lady” whose selfless act is just another way that Palm Lake Care residents are reciprocating the genuine care they receive from the Bargara team. Many see aged caring communities as places where residents live to receive care. But, through authentic connections and immense gratitude, these residents give just as much as they get. Our staff often talk about how rewarding it is to work in this aged caring community – how privileged they are to spend quality time among people with such worldly experiences and gratitude to share. The love, skills and thoughtfulness our residents bring is somewhat unique to their generation. They are teachers. And we literally care about that.

Gordon might be a tangible reminder of a beloved father lost to cancer, but he’s also physical representation of the care that is shared here at Palm Lake Care Bargara. Wonky eyes and all.

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