Palm Lake Care Residents' Stories

Cynthia feels right at home at Palm Lake Care Bargara.

Here I am part of a family

What is it that makes a house a home? Is it well-worn furniture? Or trinkets that are tangible memories of a life well spent? Maybe it’s the sound of the jug on boil? Or the anticipation of meaningful conversation that two coffee cups can bring?

The thing that makes a house a home is, in fact, the same thing that makes Palm Lake Care an aged caring ‘community’ – and that’s people. It’s that reassuring sense of family in all the types of relationships here. We’ve proudly handpicked staff who exude care with every interaction. They treat residents like extended family and, as Palm Lake Care Bargara resident Cynthia Barbara Daniels will admit, she is glad to reciprocate.

Cynthia has been living at Palm Lake Care for almost 18 months now and if you spend any amount of time with this “80-something” year old, you will get a strong sense of the importance that Cynthia places on family. An English immigrant, she proudly tells you about the family she and her (late) husband Allan built around them over the course of their 60-year marriage. A handful of children went on to gift Cynthia and Allan with 14 grandchildren, who went on to produce 11 great grandchildren – and counting. It’s a vast family tree that Cynthia delights in explaining.

“Family is so important to me,” Cynthia admits. “As a mother, over the years, I learnt that it’s important to really talk to your children.

Don’t order them around – it’s better to explain things. Respect your family.”

A gold wedding band hangs from Cynthia’s necklace. It’s worn and slightly misshapen, but its less-than-perfect shape does not in any way de-value it. In fact, it adds value. From six decades spent on Allan’s left hand (“He was a good man – not perfect – but a good man,” Cynthia smiles), the ring’s irregular shape is an indicator of the worldly journey that it has been on. And for Cynthia, that ring – that she never takes off – is a daily reminder of the official union that was a precursor and sole reason why there are four generations of family love around this kind soul.

With so many branches to her vast family tree, Cynthia will be the first to tell you that there are definitely branches she’s recently dedicated to those extra-special Palm Lake Care staff who spend time with her on a daily basis. These ‘family’ members might be there to assist her throughout the day, but they are just as authentically eager to spend time listening to her many colourful stories and soaking up her worldly (and valuable) advice.

Palm Lake Group owns and operates Palm Lake Care Bargara. At the core of the Group is a successful Queensland family with 42 years of experience in developing communities like ours. When it’s time for you to seek assistance for your special family member, our family is here to help.

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