Palm Lake Care Residents' Stories

Creativity has no timeline at Palm Lake Care Bargara

Here I can be me

There’s a soft and somewhat hypnotic buzz that comes from Graham Duncan’s Palm Lake Care Bargara suite most days. It’s a gentle and intriguing sound with random stops and starts that flows into the hall. Pushing back Graham’s door, you are immediately greeted by a long wall of vivid artwork – etchings as bold and colourful as the craftsman himself.

Just like that wall, Graham’s life story offers many rich, colourful chapters. There was the time he was a proud motorcycle police officer, working a beat that stretched the south east corner of our state. The highways were his office and every day brought a new adventure.

There was also an era when he managed a handful of pubs around Brisbane. Graham played drums, bass guitar and piano and was a member of a band called the Swingin’ Six. Bowls was where his competitive spirit was unleashed and caravanning was where he found retirement relaxation.

However in this, the next chapter of his life story here at Palm Lake Care Bargara, the man they affectionately call ‘Flaps’ is eternally grateful for his comfortable and welcoming home base that offers the important 24 hour medical assistance he requires. Just like all suites here, Graham’s large space was strategically designed to offer a private ensuite, television, fridge and individual climate control.

One of the benefits of a Palm Lake Care Bargara life (aside from a host of daily activities, chef prepared meals and convenient onsite services) is Graham’s little spot in the sun outside his balcony door. Every suite here offers individual access to a garden courtyard so residents can enjoy fresh air and sunshine whenever they please.

With a personality as big as the ears that gave him his nickname, Graham is equally as grateful for his independence.

His visitors enjoy his honest enthusiasm and conversations peppered with hearty laughs while telling you about the joy he gets from Palm Lake Care Bargara’s onsite theatre and library. He’s still able to hold a tune on the baby grand piano here and calls the staff his family (“I love them” he adds).

Graham has found a creative streak that he admits didn’t exist until Palm Lake Care afforded him the time and space to explore a new skill. Enjoying the natural light that floods his suite, and with an electric engraver in his hand, he carefully carves line drawings into blackened boards. He’s produced many of these artworks that hang proudly in his personal gallery and around Palm Lake Care.

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