Palm Lake Care Residents' Stories

I am the son of Betty Thompson who up to recently was a palliative care resident of your establishment. Betty died on the 30th June aged 93.

Without any prompting, reservations or 3rd party request I seek to congratulate you and your staff on the level of care and nurturing mum received during her 3 years in residence. During my latter times at her bedside I witnessed cleaners, food handlers, nurses and event organisers all approach and encourage mum in a manner consistent with a closely knit family. She mentioned often the likes of Donna, Suli, Amber, Sam (Samantha) and Scot (2) who helped mum through her deafness, encroaching blindness and infirmity. I may have missed others but I never heard any negatives against anyone during my visits.

I would like if possible my gratitude to be conveyed to all the staff and if ever needed this correspondence and my contact details can be used for any referral / audit function.

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