Palm Lake Care Residents' Stories

One year ago yesterday my Mother, Shirley Hurley, came into your care. Mum arrived confused due to her dementia, angry, very frail and in pain. We had moved her from a Geriatric Ward in a NSW hospital and I held my breath for weeks hoping that we would be accepted for a full time residency. There was no plan B.

Mum was accepted and I just want to thank each and every one of your staff for the love and care you have shown Mum and myself and my family during this year. Under your care Mum is now happy, safe, much stronger and no longer in pain. I even feel her dementia has improved as Mum engages in conversation and still shows some of her quick wit, her eyes are bright and she laughs a lot. The decision to move Mum out of the dementia ward has been so good for her (though I miss the craziness and the wonderful staff in Wisteria) and I thank you for making this happen.

Thank you for also allowing us to bring our animals in to visit, sadly our Dog Rocky passed way recently. The residents in Wisteria loved his visits and Rocky loved sharing their afternoon tea biscuits. We have now started to bring in our cats Mittens and Eddie who had his first visit on Sunday. Mum loves them and tucks them up in her bed along with all her ‘dogs’ during our visits. I plan our visits so we leave as Mum goes to dinner so we can make sure we can make our escape with them as Mum would love to keep them.

I applaud you for you quick actions in locking down Grevillea the other day and reopening it as soon as it was clear to do so. These actions just help to confirm how very lucky we are to have Mum in such a fantastic care facility.

I cannot thank you enough.

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