Palm Lake Care Residents' Stories

How do I explain.
Being at Palm Lake Care how could you complain
Beautifully appointed with attention to detail
The hand painted mural with yachts and white sails
Sue and her team appoint the staff so well
Smiling, caring and professional, that to you I can tell
Having a bad day
Come out on the deck and clear all of that away
The view of the ocean is something to behold
The food is better than you have ever been told
Thank you
PS I still feel like checkout time is 10am

The staff at Palm Lake Care are some of the best I’ve seen
Always smiling showing genuine caring and concern, they’re all keen
They love to chat whilst doing their work as well
Delivering meals in a timely fashion, you can tell
Taking residents for a walk on the beautiful sea deck
Residents love the ambience; it keeps everything in check
To be told by management and staff “Yes you do deserve to live here”
This is so assuring to hear
Thank you girls you are so special

We would all be in trouble without our frontline protection each day
No jab, no paperwork means no entry, NO way
Thanks Julie, you are so dedicated and keen
You question each person so of Covid-19 we are clean
Professionalism personified, know every resident by name
Always treating every resident, the same
Thank you Julie

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