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Palliative care

Palliative Care requires deep and personal understanding, sensitivity and experience. At Palm Lake Care we consider it a privilege to support our residents and their family and friends in this emotionally challenging stage of their care.

You can be confident that your Palm Lake Team of professionals have the knowledge, understanding and resources to ensure dignified end of life care. A detailed Care Plan is prepared by our team in consultation with your GP, family and Allied Health Professionals to meet individual choices and requirements.

You can be assured of our commitment to managing your comfort, privacy and dignity where your wishes are heard and respected. Family and friends will always be welcome and will feel supported and cared for.

Compassionate and sensitive communication is our commitment to you during this emotional end of life stage, while respecting any cultural and religious needs.

To ensure your comfort, our spacious suites offer a welcoming place for your loved ones to visit and keep in touch in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Palm Lake’s palliative care services are part of our residents’ normal care package and do not incur additional costs.

Palliative care availability

Check for Palm Lake Care suites available in your area.

Suites available: waitlist
Mt Warren Park
Suites available: waitlist
Suites available: waitlist
Suites available: waitlist
Deception Bay
Suites available: waitlist