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Protecting our communities.

At family owned Palm Lake Care we understand how important it is to see the ones you love while trying to balance the safety of all our people. While some care providers have gone into total lock down, here is our thinking.

People still need nursing care so we continue with new admissions where we can. This is our residents’ home, and where possible we want them to enjoy the same freedom of movement you have walking around your home between bedroom to dining, living, lounge and outdoor areas. But this requires limiting visitor movements.

PLEASE support us. It is a temporary but dynamic situation without a timeline and every one of us can do our bit to keep our elders and their caregivers safe.

  • Visiting Arrangements

    The Australian Government recognises aged care providers are experienced managers of infection control, but have introduced new measures we must take. The Government also supports additional measures should we feel they are needed in individual communities.

    • Limit visits to one hour duration within the resident’s private suite or our beautiful outdoor areas
    • Limit visits to a maximum of two immediate social supports (family members, close friends) who are over the age of 16 years or professional service or advocacy at one time, per day
    • Visitors must practice social distancing by maintaining a distance of minimally 1.5m from every person
    • Visiting hours are between 9am and 5pm, seven days a week.
  • Restrictions on Entry

    Please support our people who have to ask these questions of everyone, every visit.

    Nobody is permitted to enter if:

    • You have returned from overseas in the last 14 days
    • You have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days
    • You have symptoms of acute respiratory infection such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath or fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, or you do not comply with a temperature check prior to entry.
    • Effective 1 May 2020, access is restricted to anyone who has not been vaccinated against influenza
  • New restrictions on resident movement

    Following a Queensland Government legislative directive, effective Friday 27 March, 2020, residents are no longer permitted to leave an aged care community except to receive or access health care, or in the case of an emergency.The duration of this direction is in place by regulation until 19 May 2020.

    This means should you or your loved one wish to leave a PLC Community between now and 19 May 2020, this will jeopardise any ability to return. We understand these restrictions sound onerous but they are in keeping with the social isolation asked of all of us, and designed to protect our most vulnerable.

  • Safety Measures

    Hand washing stations and reminders have been increased, staff education has been increased, visitor monitoring and education has been increased, all non essential visitors have been cancelled, communal spaces are not open to non residents (visitors). Cleaners are increasing deep clean in every area.

    • Stringent hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser upon entry and prior to exiting is essential
    • Community entrances have been secured and pin codes changed. This is to allow effective monitoring and evaluation of all visitors
    • Visiting hours have been limited to 9:00am to 5:00pm seven days a week however further restrictions may apply as deemed necessary.
    • Call 1800 246 677 for the latest information.
  • Company and the human touch

    We know it is hard to have fewer visits but our Lifestyle teams and caregivers are sensitive to the situation and will work hard to provide companionship. As much as possible, we adapt to smaller groups with greater frequency for the activities everyone loves and are open to new ideas to help people stay in touch.

  • Staying connected

    Remember, each resident at Palm Lake Care has a direct dial phone line to their private suite. We are looking at ways we can continue our musical and other forms of entertainment and connection. We are partnering with schools for a pen pal program, introducing “Message a resident” to our website, skype and face time with families and telehealth appointments are already underway. ‘The Daily Mail’ delivered each morning will share resident stories, puzzles, quizzes and jokes. We hope sharing a kindness witnessed will become a regular feature that encourages contributions and helps keep spirits high.

    “Thank a care worker” through our facebook page or website here. With literally hundreds of care workers every day we always have a contingency plan for a number of people unable to turn up for a rostered shift. Since the COVID-19 outbreak our absenteeism has reduced to below normal levels which is an enormous testament to the dedication of our caregivers and support personnel. Every day our care workers leave their home and their family to care for someone else’s. Help to keep spirits high with long hours and difficult conditions by sending a message of support or report an act of kindness you witnessed.

    You can help us bring joy by sharing your stories and ideas on staying in touch via caresolutions@palmlake.com.au. We welcome your ideas.

  • Admissions

    People still need care and we will continue to help where we can. New arrivals to our communities will have agreed to a minimum of 14 days physical isolation. This means their care and support services will be provided in their private suite while they are restricted from moving around communal spaces until medically cleared.

    We regret the need for this isolation on entry but our focus has, and always will be, the health and wellbeing of all residents and their caregivers. Times are challenging. And challenging times require challenging changes.