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Changes to Federal Government Residential Subsidy Forms

The Department of Human Services (DHS) covers Centrelink and Department of Veterans Affairs. July 2019 they overhauled their forms used for means testing residential care. Until these forms are processed by DHS eligible residents are not receiving Government subsidies toward their care costs.

The forms themselves have changed

  • SA457 – Residential Aged Care – Calculation Of Your Cost Of Care
  • There is now a new form called – SA485 – Residential Aged Care Property Details

The main differences in the forms/process for residential aged care

  • If you get a means tested income support payment (Age pension) and you don’t own a home, you don’t need to complete any forms. You do need to ensure your DHS record is up to date.
  • If you get a means tested income support payment (Age pension) and you do own a home, you can complete a much smaller form (SA485) which looks at key aspects of the property and also incorporates the protected person questions (spouse, carer, relative). It asks if someone is remaining in the home when you enter residential care.  You do need to ensure your DHS record is up to date.
  • If you don’t get a means tested income support payment (Age pension) – you need to complete the SA457 form in full. If you don’t choose to complete the DHS forms then you are not asking for Government subsidies toward the cost of care.

Correct, updated information

It has been nearly 15 years since DHS required compulsory annual reporting and many clients have out of date information on their Centrelink or DVA record. Old term deposits, no longer have a car, share information not up to date can impact your fees and charges for residential care and accommodation.

DHS updates are via phone call or MyGov login. Alternatively you can engage independent assistance to update DHS, complete and lodge forms, and consider a nominee service to keep records updated on your behalf.

Specialised Financial Advice

To ensure that you maximise Government subsidies and minimise out of pocket costs, we recommend you seek independent advice. Palm Lake Care does not endorse warrant or guarantee the advice or service provided and you should apply your own judgement in choosing an advisor considering the advice provided to you given your individual circumstances, however many families have recommended the following who specialise in aged care, retirement living and home care.

Aged Care Simplified
Bargara region and home visits
0411 263 104

Beacon Financial Planning
Home visits and remote
1800 232 000

Life Path Financial Services
Brisbane and remote
07 3219 4670

Robina Financial Services
Gold Coast Home visits and remote
07 5575 7689

Sage Care Advice
Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
07 5322 5333

Federal Government
My Aged Care
1800 200 422

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