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Activities aplenty

PALM LAKE CARE spends tens of millions of dollars constructing world-class aged caring communities. The built environments that our residents call home are some of the best in this country. But, as our corporate philosophy states, “The success of Palm Lake Care pivots on caring for our residents. Our residents and our people are our most important assets. When we do our work with passion, they are our strongest advocates”.

In each of our aged caring communities is a hand-picked Lifestyle Team. These vibrant staff members are charged with engaging our residents via a myriad of interesting activities. Each Palm Lake Care location has a different team, and each of those teams offers a unique monthly calendar built around the capabilities and special interests of their particular local resident population. Some residents have special needs and others have special interests. It is the job of each Lifestyle Team to develop an activities schedule to encourage interaction, social engagement, friendships and fun.

At our Bethania location, Amber Blake is the bringer of that fun.

“I have seen a lot of positive changes within the lifestyle section over the past four years that I have been working in this position,” Amber says. “We have moved forward in a big way, providing the residents with the personalised care and support they need, to continue their lives the way they choose.”

On Amber’s monthly activities schedule you’ll find everything from shopping trips, daycare visits and excursions, to cultural recognition days, morning teas and bigger community events. That’s on top of the regular exercise classes, art and craft workshops, group games and visiting entertainers. As Amber explains, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes to ensure captivating activities are presented each month. 

One of Palm Lake Care Mt Warren Park’s regular music therapy workshops.

“Bringing in outside organisations, members of the greater community and other services allows us to be more inclusive of everyone in our own aged caring community,” Amber says. “It is also important to us to see residents take part in our activities with their family members and friends.”

Amber says there’s a true sense of inclusiveness when it comes to planning each and every monthly activities schedule. 

“All our team members play a part in what is happening and it bring us closer together, working to make our activities happen. Even our residents like to help prepare for upcoming events by making decorations, setting up activities and the like.

“Having a passion in our lives has huge benefits on our health and lifestyle. So finding the one thing each of our residents still loves to do is important. Even for those residents who don’t like partaking in group activities, we soon find what they are passionate about and find ways that they can continue to participate. Catering to such a variety of people is hard, but
you soon learn how to work with each individual, even in a
group setting.”

There’s no doubt that it takes a special kind of person to be a Lifestyle Team member in any one of our Palm Lake Care communities. They need to be patient, compassionate, creative, outgoing and more.

“I am extremely passionate about my job and love coming to work with our residents every day,” Amber says. “What I’ve learned is there is no age barrier when it comes to friendships. I feel very lucky to come and spend time with 152 friends every day!”

Check out some of the impressive outfits from The Great Gatsby Gala at Palm Lake Care Bargara. It was a 1920s-inspired party that Gatsby himself would have approved of!

Each Palm Lake Care community welcomes volunteers to support the social engagement of our residents. Maybe you’d like to assist with reading, craft, a game of cards or even enjoy a cuppa and some one-on-one time with our residents? Please contact the Lifestyle Team at your closest Palm Lake Care location.

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